Who Is The Owner Of Utah Jazz

Who Is The Owner Of Utah Jazz

In this article, I will tell you about the owner of Utah Jazz. Utah Jazz is a professional basketball team. Here, I will you about the current owner of Utah Jazz and the team history in brief. You can keep on reading to know about the owner of Utah Jazz in detail.

Who Is The Owner Of Utah Jazz

The owner of Utah Jazz is Ryan Smith. Ryan is also the executive chairman and co-founder of Qualtrics.

About The Owner Of Utah Jazz

The owner of Utah Jazz, Ryan is an American billionaire businessman. Ryan was born in Eugene, Oregon. His father, Scott M. Smith used to work as a University professor. Mr. Scott was also one of the co-founders of Qualtrics. Now, here, Qualtrics is an experience management company based in Provo, Utah, United States. Utah Jazz owner’s history is very interesting!

Ryan’s mother Nancy holds a Ph.D. in information systems. She is also an entrepreneur. Ryan Smith, Jazz Owner attended Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business. Here, Ryan founded Qualtrics along with his father and his brother Jared.

During his junior year, Ryan dropped out of school to spend more time working on Qualtrics. Later on, he did return to school to complete his degree.

In 2020, Gail Miller announced that Ryan Smith agreed to purchase a majority stake in the Utah Jazz NBA franchise. In this agreement, Vivint Arena, the Salt Lake City Stars, and the management of the Salt Lake Bees were included. In 2021, Dwyane Wade became the minority owner of Utah Jazz.

The minority owner of Utah Jazz Dwyane Wade encouraged more basketball players to join him in the ownership ranks.

Utah Jazz was founded in 1974 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This basketball team competes in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Here, Jazz is a member of the league’s Western Conference, Northwest Division. The team played its first home games at Vivint Arena.

Later on, in 1974, the team began to play as an expansion team. They were known as the New Orleans Jazz at that time. In 1979, Utah Jazz moved to Salt Lake City. In their early years, Utah Jazz was one of the least successful teams in the league. During the late 1980s, Jerry Sloan was the coach of the team. Under his leadership, they became one of the powerhouse teams in the 1990s. 

People often ask, is the owner of Utah Jazz is Grey Miller? Nope, Grey Miller is the CEO of Utah Jazz not the owner of Utah Jazz. Miller is also known as Utah Jazz owner undercover boss.

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Is Dwyane Wade Part Owner Of Utah Jazz?

Yes, Dwyane Wade is part owner of Utah Jazz since 2021.

Who Is The Owner Of Utah Jazz?

Ryan Smith is the owner of Utah Jazz.

What Is Utah Jazz Owner’s Net Worth?

The owner of Utah Jazz’s net worth is roughly $2 billion dollars.

Who Is Utah Jazz Owner’s Wife?

Ashley Smith is Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith’s wife.

How Is Ryan Smith So Rich?

Ryan Smith is so rich because he is the co-founder of Qualtrics and owner of Utah Jazz.

Does Tony Rinau Own The Utah Jazz?

No, Tony Rinau does not own the Utah Jazz.


Ryan Smith worked really hard for his basketball team Utah Jazz. The world got a chance to see this team only because of its team members. Thus, that’s all you need to know about the owner of Utah Jazz.


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