Who Is The Owner Of UFC

Who Is The Owner Of UFC

In this article, you will get to about the owner of UFC. UFC has an in-depth history! Very few people know about the company. You can keep on reading to know about the owner of UFC more in detail.

Who Is The Owner Of UFC

The owner of UFC is the parent organization Endeavor group via Zuffa, LLC. The owner of the UFC Endeavor group owns about 50.1% of UFC. This makes them the key decision-makers. The remaining 49.9% ownership of UFC is distributed between three firms. This includes Silver Lake Partners, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, and MSD Capital.

About The Owner Of UFC

Many people think Dana White is the owner of the UFC. Dana White is not the owner but is the president of UFC. Dana have an undisclosed percentage of the business. His tenure started when the Fertitta brothers bought the UFC. Lorenzo and Frank are known as the Fertitta brothers. So, they were the original owner of UFC. In fact, Dana is in charge of all the operations happening in UFC.

Dana is the one who makes fights happen, looks out for talent, and makes sponsorship deals. He also decides where to invest, finding venues, cooperating with Athletic Commissions, and other business-related activities.

It was 2016 when the Fertitta brothers sold UFC to the current owner of UFC. Endeavor. Before the deal, Dana White had ownership of 9%.

The previous owner of the UFC, the Fertitta brothers sold this company for just over $4 billion dollars. This means that Dana earned around $360 million dollars from the deal. After this deal, Dana was still the president of UFC. In fact, the new deal gave him ownership rights in the company.

It is not revealed how much of the UFC is currently in Dana’s hands. Dana earns money as a part-owner and as the president. This indicates that he’s still getting a good amount of profits from the company. Under his leadership, UFC has grown a lot! Dana White’s net worth is reported at $500 million dollars.

In fact, before the pandemic, UFC accounted for 50% of Endeavor’s income. The pandemic increased that number further to 80%. UFC was one of the few companies that didn’t get affected by the pandemic. They did take a two-month break when the global pandemic started. But later on, they quickly adjusted and held events almost every weekend just like before.

The Endeavor Group Holdings is known as WME-IMG. It is reported that UFC’s worth has got doubled. UFC’s values are growing year after year. The owner of UFC made some incredible deals. This included transitioning from FOX to ESPN, developing the UFC Fight Pass, and more. In fact, boxing is the most popular combat sport in UFC.

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Is Dana White The Owner Of UFC?

No, White is not the owner of UFC.

Who Currently Owns UFC?

UFC is currently owned by Endeavor (via Zuffa, LLC)

Who Is The CEO Of The UFC?

UFC’s CEO is Dana White.

Does Dana White Own Any Of The UFC?

Yes, Dana White owned 9% of the UFC.

Is Dana White The CEO Of UFC?

Yes, Dana White is the CEO of UFC and also the president of UFC.

What Is The Owner Of UFC’s Net Worth?

UFC owner’s net worth is roughly $500 million.

Who Is The Owner Of The UFC Now?

Now, Endeavor is the owner of the UFC.


Endeavor, the owner of UFC is the main reason behind the company’s growth in popularity and value. This company invests in various businesses across the entertainment industry.


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