Who Is The Owner Of RAW?

The owner of RAW created a brand of rolling papers and had the vision to change everything! Rolling papers are also known as cigarette papers which are commonly used to stuff tobacco powder. In short, it is a pack of several cigarette-size sheets folded inside a cardboard wrapper. These papers became widely popular in the second half of the 19th century. In today’s post, I will reveal who is the owner of RAW papers.

Who Is The Owner Of RAW?

The owner of RAW is Josh Kesselman who created this brand of rolling papers in 1995. The RAW rolling papers are specially designed to be used for smoking tobacco and cannabis. Josh is also the founder and current CEO of RAW. He sold everything he owned and moved to Florida to bring his passion for rolling papers into brick-and-mortar reality.

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About The Owner Of RAW

The owner of RAW papers produced more than 200 custom papers over the decades. But he is best known for his RAW brand which also earned a global following. There is also a song titled RAW dedicated by Wiz Khalifa for its smooth smoke. Later on, RAW became synonymous with getting high and its demand tripled during the pandemic.

After selling all of his belongings, Josh started a small smoke shop named Knuckleheads in Gainesville, Florida. Over here, he imported especially rolling papers from Europe. He used these rolling papers for selling smoke paraphernalia. In 1996, Josh accidentally sold a bong (also known as a water pipe) to a woman whose father used to work for the US government. Because of this incident, Josh was raided and placed under house arrest.

Later on, the owner moved to Arizona and started a smoke shop supply and distribution company called HBI. Till 1997, his business was slowly expanding. In Spain’s Alcoy region, Josh met the owner of an old rolling paper factory. This rolling paper factory used to create and sell various new products. Josh joined this company and later developed two brands; Juicy Jay’s and Elements.

Juicy Jay’s were flavored papers on the other hand Elements were similar to rice papers. In 2004, Josh decided to make a $1 million investment with a supplier of natural, unprocessed, and unbleached hemp fiber. Hemp fiber is a botanical plant which specifically grown for industrial and medical use. Josh wanted to use hemp fiber which could be marketed as vegan papers.

However, this concept was successful due to which RAW became the first company to offer vegan rolling papers. After this success, RAW started mass production in 2005. Mary Schumacher of The Fresh Toast even recommended rolling papers of RAW to people who smoke cannabis.

Being the founder and CEO of RAW vegan rolling papers, Josh Kesselman’s net worth is estimated at $48 million in 2022. Josh Kesselman’s age is 47 and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Most people get confused when it comes to who is the owner of RawGear. RawGear is an official fitness apparel store owned by Bradley Martyn. 

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Who Is The CEO Of Raw Rolling Papers?

In 1993, Josh Kesselman sold everything he owned and moved into a friend’s shed in Florida to bring his passion for rolling papers into brick-and-mortar reality.

How Much Are RAW Papers Worth?

Raw papers prices vary between about one dollar for a standard size rolling paper to two dollars for king size papers. We also provide king-size papers with filter tips for three dollars a package.

Who Invented RAW?

Josh Kesselman

RAW Founder, Josh Kesselman, had a vision to change everything. “RAW was a project that came to mind after a friend gave me an additive-free cigarette in 1993.

Why Are RAW Black Papers Different?

The main difference between Raw Black and Raw Classic is that Raw Black is thinner. What you must understand is that Raw Black can only work well with premium super high quality cannabis, nothing else. RAW Black is a unique artisan rolling paper that allows all the flavour of your premium cannabis to be experienced.

What Are The Healthiest Rolling Papers?

Many consider hemp the healthiest rolling paper because it comes from the same plant as the marijuana you’re smoking. Hemp is also considered more sustainable because it grows back faster than the trees that produce paper.

Who Is The Billionaire King Of Rolling Papers?

Don Levin

Don Levin built a massive empire over the past 50 years with name brands including Zig-Zag, E-Z Wider and OCB. Not bad for a guy who doesn’t smoke pot.


In the above post, I’ve discussed everything about the owner of the RAW rolling papers. Cigars and cigarillos were really expensive earlier so beggars used to collect the cigar butts and roll them in pieces of paper. This practice became popular during the Crimean War. Later, rolling papers were first produced in Alcoy, Spain by Josh Kesselman. Thus, the owner of RAW played a major role in fulfilling the need for rolling papers!


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