Who Is The Owner Of Krab Queenz?

Krab Queenz is a popular seafood restaurant chain that has been making waves in the culinary scene with its delicious and innovative seafood dishes. The restaurant chain has been rapidly expanding over the past few years, with locations in multiple states across the United States. In this blog, we will discuss the owners of Krab Queenz and their journey to success.

Who Is The Owner Of Krab Queenz?

The owners of Krab Queenz are Nique and Kera. The two sisters started Krab Queenz as a food truck in Houston, Texas, in 2016. They had a passion for cooking and a dream of owning their own restaurant. The food truck was an instant success, and people began lining up for hours just to get a taste of their mouth-watering seafood dishes.

About Owner Of Krab Queenz 

The sisters’ success didn’t go unnoticed, and soon they were approached by Shark Tank to appear on the show. They impressed the judges with their delicious food and business acumen, and they were able to secure a deal with Kevin O’Leary.

With the funding from Shark Tank, Nique and Kera were able to expand their business and open their first brick-and-mortar location in Houston. The restaurant was an instant hit, and people were lining up around the block to get a taste of their famous seafood boils.

Since then, Krab Queenz has continued to grow and expand, with locations in multiple states, including Texas, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. The restaurant chain has gained a reputation for its innovative and delicious seafood dishes, which are served in a casual and fun atmosphere.

Nique and Kera have become successful entrepreneurs and role models in the culinary industry. They have been recognized for their achievements, with features in various publications, including Forbes and Black Enterprise. They have also been invited to speak at conferences and events, sharing their journey to success and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

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Who Owns Krab Queenz Seafood?

Tonique Clay is the founder and owner of Krab Queenz & Seafood. She launched the brand in 2017 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and it’s only gone up since opening.

Who Owns Krab Kingz?

Hi, my name is Brandon Martin and I am the founder of Krab Kingz. In addition to being the founder, I am also a father and a husband and a son.

Who Is The Ceo Of King Crab?

Founder And King Crab, Ron Lou, Is The Mastermind Behind Our Unique Seafood Boil Concept.

What Is The Biggest Crab Fishing Company?

Trident Seafoods is the largest seafood company in the United States, harvesting primarily wild-caught seafood in Alaska. It is a privately-held, 100% American-owned company. Trident manages a network of catcher and catcher processor vessels and processing plants across twelve coastal locations in Alaska.


In conclusion, Krab Queenz is an example of the American dream in action. The success of the restaurant chain is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of its owners, Nique and Kera. Their journey to success is an inspiration to anyone who wants to start their own business and pursue their dreams.


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