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Who Is The Owner Of Barcelona

Barcelona is a professional football club and do you know about the owner of Barcelona? If not, you have opened up the right page! In this article, I will tell everything about the owner of Barcelona in detail.

Who Is The Owner Of Barcelona

The owner of Barcelona is Josep Maria Bartomeu Floreta. He is a Spanish entrepreneur. Josep is also known as the former president of football club FC Barcelona.

About The Owner Of Barcelona

The owner of Barcelona team was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Josep started his career with the companies ADELTE and EFS, Bartomeu. The current owner of Barcelona was the partner and CEO of these companies. During Joan Laporta’s presidency, he served on the board of FC Barcelona. Here, he was along with Sandro Rosell. Sandro Rosell later on resigned due to differences with the then-president.

Joseph then served as Rosell’s vice-president of Barcelona from July 2010 to January 2014. In fact, he won this election with 61.35% of the vote of the members of the club.

Later on, Bartomeu was elected as the 40th President of Barcelona. He held this post until Sandro Rosell’s resignation in 2020. The owner of the Barcelona club was replaced by interim FC Barcelona president Carlos Tusquets.

Very few know that Bartomeu was investigated in the case of alleged tax fraud over the striker Neymar. Even Rosell was there during the investigation. Later on, it was reported that Barcelona would not stand trial over the allegations. However, Rosell and FC Barcelona were got cleared from the charges. Catalonia police force arrested the owner of Barcelona football club along with the CEO of the club, Oscar Grau.

In March 2021, the owner of FC Barcelona was investigated by Catalan police. This time it was due to an alleged defamation campaign of Barcagate. In Barcagate, he hired I3 Ventures to improve the club’s image on social media. He was also accused of launching a smear campaign against some of the star players.

We all know that Barcelona is one of the most widely supported teams in the world! In fact, the club has one of the largest social media followings among other sports teams. Barcelona’s ownership structure is quite huge. This club is basically owned by its club members! In 2016, there were about 140,000 members in total. These days you find several Barcelona transfer news and rumors on social media.

Florentino Eduardo Perez is the owner of Real Madrid. He is also the president of Real Madrid Chairman of The Super League. In addition to that, he is the chairman of Grupo ACS. However, Real Madrid CF is a Spanish professional football club based in Madrid. It is commonly referred to as Real Madrid or Real.

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Who Is Barcelona Owned By?

Barcelona is owned by its own club members.

Who Is The CEO Of Barcelona?

The CEO of Barcelona is Oscar Grau.

Who Is The Owner Of Real Madrid?

The owner of Real Madrid is Florentino Eduardo Perez.

Who Is The Founder Of Barcelona?

The founder of Barcelona was Joan Gamper.

What Is The Owner Of Barcelona’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Barcelona’s owner is $100 million dollars.


With the help of my above article, you got to know who is the owner of Barcelona. His name Josep Maria Bartomeu Floreta. He is a well-known Spanish entrepreneur. You can share my above post on the owner of Barcelona with other die-hard football fans!


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